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Opportunities for Research Collaboration and Licensing 

We are pleased to share information about our various patented inventions with you.   Each is unique and greatly versatile.  Most are related to inertial electrostatic confinement (IEC) of fusing plasma to produce neutrons, protons, and/or x-rays.  When supplied with input power, these devices offer numerous near term applications ranging from industrial processing to homeland safety inspection systems.  Future versions offer scale-up to a fusion power plant such as those that might be used for electrical production or fusion space propulsion. 

Please Contact Us for more information.  We welcome any interest in collaboration studies for further research as well as licensing opportunities. 

buttonbullet01.gif (1065 bytes)   Driven Subcritical Nuclear Reactor using an IEC Neutron Source

buttonbullet01.gif (1065 bytes)   Intense Ion Beam Source for IEC Operation and Industrial Processing

buttonbullet01.gif (1065 bytes)   Apparatus for Collimating and Focusing Charged Particles (e.g. protons) from an IEC

buttonbullet01.gif (1065 bytes)   Plasma Jet Source using an IEC Discharge Plasma

buttonbullet01.gif (1065 bytes)   IEC Device as a Tunable X-Ray Source

buttonbullet01.gif (1065 bytes)   Method for Producing Complex Carbon Molecules (C-60) using an IEC Discharge

buttonbullet01.gif (1065 bytes)   Cylindrical IEC Configuration for a Neutron/Proton Source

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