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Intense Ion Beam Source for IEC Operation and Industrial Processing

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ICRF Ion Source Experimental Setup. The ion source is the cylindrical tube at the right projecting out of the spherical IEC chamber


A high- perveance steady state deuterium ion gun has been developed using a magnetic-index resonator in an Inductive Coupling Radio Frequency (ICRF) configuration.  This approach makes it feasible to generate an ion beam within millimeter dimensions extracted by a negative potential created by an external grid.  The ion gun allows high extraction efficiency and low beam divergence as compared to other types of ion guns.


One embodiment of the present application includes a unique technique for generating ion beams.  Other embodiments include unique methods, systems, and apparatus for ion beam generation and/or application.

 A system typically comprises a chamber coupled to a gas source, a resonator operable to ionize gas received in the chamber, a particle trap including several magnetic coils positioned about the chamber between the gas source and the resonator, and a focusing arrangement.  In one form, the resonator includes an RF electrical energy source, a helical coil wound about a portion of the chamber and coupled to the RF electrical energy source, and an electrical shield positioned about the helical coil.  The focusing arrangement may include an aperture device with an electrically floating portion and/or a magnetic focusing coil.

 Some Possible Applications

This gun can be coupled to a processing chamber to provide an ion beam within the chamber.  The processing chamber can include an electrode positioned inside, and in one particular form includes an inertial electrostatic containment plasma device.  One or more conveyor subsystems can be coupled to the processing chamber to deliver and/or retrieve work pieces.  Such a system should have a variety of applications ranging from semi conductor manufacturing to micro hole drilling. 

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